Hello, Again!

“You will never ‘find’ time for anything.  If you want time, you must make it.”  – Charles Braxton


Hey, guys!  Remember me?  It’s been a while since we’ve done this thing, huh?  My goal of one post per month has kind of dissolved more or less, hasn’t it?  The last time I posted was September 1st, but if I remember correctly I missed August’s post.  So, technically I have a couple of months to make up for in the remaining days of 2016.  I’ll do my best to hold true to my word.  I actually had composed an entire post about a really fantastic show that I went to back in early October, but I could never quite nail down a cohesive final paragraph so that one kind of dropped off my radar.  I’d like to say that I have a really good excuse for my absence, but I’m afraid it’s the same ol’ same that everyone uses – “I’ve just been so busy!”  I always hate when people say that.  It’s like, yeah, yeah.  We’re all busy.  We all have jobs and families and activities and such.  How can a person not find a couple hours one day out of the month to throw a couple paragraphs together and post them to the web?  But, I guess I have no other excuse.  Busy wins.  And, here’s the thing…

I’ve been up to quite a bit since my last post.

I’ve been to a couple of rad concerts, roadtripped through bourbon country, witnessed the last friend wedding of the year (There’s been SIX this year spanning FOUR different states.), took advantage of a last minute, nostalgic weekend back home, quit a part time job of three years, bought a king size bed, hopped a plane to Miami with friends – I mean, I have literally been all over the place lately.  And it’s not slowing down.  This week I’ve got a few days of training for a new job I inadvertently picked up pre-Miami and will be playing lots of catch up at the station.  This weekend we will be home, but after that it’s off to Oklahoma City for a week for Thanksgiving then boarding a flight to Las Vegas for a weeklong tech conference that my husband and a friend are attending.  (Sidebar: It took some heavy convincing from said friend’s wife to get me on board because – to be honest – I really kind of just wanted a quiet week at home with no commitments to hole up in my craft room with a cup of coffee and a YouTube playlist full of cross stich tutorials.  Honestly.  That sounds like heaven.)  Shortly after we arrive back in KC, holiday madness will set in and I’ll be playing afternoon host for two full weeks at the station to fill in for vacationing DJs.  Sometime before the end of the year I’ll need to line up some head shots, proof a demo – which will hopefully be done before too long – then it’s off to Nebraska for a week for Christmas and before you know it – BAM – New Years!  Good Lord, people.  My Google calendar has never been so full!  For real.  Ask Doug.  Usually about this time I sit down to write our annual Christmas letter and start bitching because we haven’t done anything worth writing about and this year it’s like, where do I even start?  In an odd twist I’ve found myself bitching about doing too much stuff instead of the reverse.  I’m sure Doug wants to pull his hair out.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I’m still here.  I have every intention of sticking this thing out ‘til the end.  Nothing profound today, just a quick update.  I’m gonna wrap this one up and head off to day one of new job training.  Which will soon be a whole new blog post in it’s self.  I’m not even sure that I want it.  I’ve been doing a lot of career soul searching these days and am really wanting to take some kind of new direction.  That part time job I mentioned earlier – Putting in my two weeks was actually really hard and I had so many conflicting thoughts about it and it actually was bit emotional.  I’ve been wanting to flesh it out via blog post to share with you guys, but as we all know – Free time’s an evasive bitch.  So, adios for now.  Expect a few rambling career-oriented posts in the coming future.  ‘Til then – Wish me luck!